Mold control in the feed sector


Highly efficient mold control in the food and feed sector

ASPEREX® is a unique anti-mold system treatment

ASPEREX® stands for effective mold control based on a microbe-inhibiting biopolymer active ingredient complex. This active ingredient complex is particularly geared to mold control in the food and feed sector.

Permanent prevention of mold infestation

The ASPEREX® range results in a system treatment consisting of several products through which mold can be effectively controlled. The combined and continuous use of these products can permanently prevent mold infestation:

Especially biocide-free applications

ASPEREX® PREVENTIVE SPRAY is a biocide-free formulation based on a chitosan biopolymer. Regular (preferably 14-day) application with the preventive spray can effectively prevent mold infestation. In particular, the spray combats chalk mold and black mold. Alternative mold remedies without biocides are becoming increasingly popular. Especially for the organic food sector, such as organic bakeries, non-biocidal mold mitigation is a more conceptual alternative.

Bakery business:

  • Band treatments
  • Fermentation carrier treatments
  • Crate washing and dishwashing room hygiene
  • Fermentation room and fermenter treatments
  • Silo treatments
  • Storage room cleaning
  • Air conditioning shaft and fan treatments

Catering and hotel industry:

  • Kitchen area cleaning
  • (Food) storage room cleaning
  • Air conditioning shaft and fan treatments

In general:

  • Food productions
  • Feed productions
  • Cosmetic productions
  • Interior treatments - especially in the case of constant exposure to moisture.

ASPEREX® works highly efficiently against microbes as a system treatment:

Effect against fungi

Fungi are adapted to very different habitats. The best known fungi include yeast and molds. Similar to some fungi occur naturally on the skin or in the body. However, fungi can also cause diseases.

Diseases caused by fungi are called mycoses. Sometimes fungal infections can also cause pneumonia or inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth or genitals and can become life-threatening if the immune system is weak.

However, some fungi also have properties that can help cure diseases. For example, the discovery of penicillin is due to a mold from which this antibiotic can be obtained.

Fungi also infect foodstuffs in particular and grow forcibly in humid environments. They can be highly efficiently prevented by hygiene measures such as the ASPEREX® system treatment.  

Best anti-mold effect without unnecessary biocides

The basic idea behind ASPEREX® is: as much anti-mold effect as possible, as little biocide as necessary. The ASPEREX® anti-mold concept is fundamentally based on two mechanisms of action:

  • Biocidal effect of formic acid (FA)
  • Microbial inhibitory activity of a chitosan biopolymer complex.

Of the ASPEREX® system products, only ASPEREX® ANTI-MOLD SPRAY FA is a biocidal product. All other product components are based on microbe-inhibiting biocide-free formulations. The systemic, combined application of the products - as described in the instructions for use - provides highly efficient mold control and prevention.

ASPEREX® advantages at a glance:

  1. Regular, systemic application of ASPEREX® (preferably every 14 days) can completely prevent mold infestation.
  2. The ASPEREX® range is not perfumed. Odor or taste of food and feed are not affected.
  3. With ASPEREX® there is no undesirable effect on surfaces as there is, for example, on textiles caused by alcohols or oxidizing agents (products containing hydrogen peroxide or chlorine).
  4. Easy and safe storage - with ASPEREX® there are no hazardous material classes or water hazard classes to consider.
  5. No damage to the skin's microbiome: The natural skin fauna of the people using it is not attacked by ASPEREX®.
  6. ASPEREX® is not hazardous to water (WGK class).
  7. ASPEREX® does not form an ignitable atmosphere. After application, work can be resumed immediately, even in the machinery sector.
  8. Biocide-free options for efficient mold control: The majority of ASPEREX® products do not contain biocides.

ASPEREX® Products in comparison

Alcohol base: Redox base (hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, ...) Amino functional base (Quats) ASPEREX®
Immediate effect:
Long lasting effect:
Broad spectrum of action:
Does not attack surfaces:
Easy to store:
No fire hazard:
No water hazard:
Use in the food and feed sector:

Efficacy of ASPEREX®

The effectiveness of ASPEREX® is based on three mechanisms of action:

  • Anti-microbial effect of formic acid.
  • Pathogen-inhibiting preventive effect of chitosan biopolymer complex.
  • Pathogen-repellent lotus effect on the treated surface.

Development partner

ASPEREX® was developed in alliance with the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT.