Mold danger in winter

Mold danger in winter

Less heating due to high energy prices

Due to the current energy crisis, the German population is facing high energy prices this winter. Many people are therefore taking precautions to save energy in their everyday lives. In doing so, they are reducing their utility costs and also making a contribution to climate protection.

In addition to saving hot water or energy-efficient cooking, conscious heating is also one of the most effective energy-saving tips. After all, according to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, lowering the room temperature by one degree can save as little as six percent of energy!

Mold danger due to cold room temperatures

Sounds good, doesn't it? But behind this great savings measure lurks a danger. Because more and more houses are now infested with mold due to incorrect heating behavior. Many do not even notice the mold at first, because some types of fungi grow invisibly. With the helpful tips from ASPEREX® you can prevent mold infestation in your home and still save on heating costs!

How is the mold formed?

For their development, molds need nutrients on the one hand and moisture on the other. The fungi find the nutrients in wallpaper, plaster or even wood on the walls of the apartment. When showering, cleaning and cooking, but also when sweating and breathing, moisture is created in your apartment. This moisture settles on the cold walls of the apartment at low room temperatures, so that there is increased mold growth. But how can the risk of mold be minimized?

Regular ventilation

For an ideal indoor climate, the rooms in which particularly high levels of moisture occur (i.e. bathroom, kitchen and bedroom) should be aired several times a day. During this process, the heating should be turned off and the windows should be fully opened. The air exchange with a tilted window is not sufficient!

Take preventive measures

To prevent mold infestation in advance, other preventive measures can also be taken. ASPEREX® PREVENTIVE GEL helps with this. This gel is particularly effective in preventing the formation of black mold and chalk mold. When used, it is applied to the affected surfaces with a brush or roller applicator and forms a long-lasting, water-repellent protective film. It achieves an above-average, lasting and thus long-lasting antimicrobial effect and thus effectively prevents mold infestation.

Combat mold infestation

The mold has already arrived in your apartment? Don't panic! With ASPEREX®UNIVERSAL-CLEANER and ASPEREX® ANTI-MOLD SPRAY FA you can easily and efficiently remove the mold yourself. To remove the mold optimally, the affected area should first be cleaned with the universal cleaner. This dissolves even heavy soiling such as greases, oils, resins and waxes. Then spray the pre-cleaned area with the Anti-Mildew Spray-FA. The spray remains on the surface and forms an antimicrobial protective film there immediately after application. This protective film prevents the mold spores from multiplying on the treated surface.

Discover the entire ASPEREX® range for mold control now and learn how the products can develop their optimum effect in our instructions for use. So you can get through the winter without the risk of mold and with low heating costs!


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